Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Referee Society Opens 2015 with Level 1 Referee Course Offering

Happy New Year Ohio rugby faithful!

The new year is upon us and with it comes the first rugby-related opportunity of 2015. There is a Level 1 Referee Course being offered on January 10 by the Ohio Rugby Referees' Society. Current players can attend and see what exactly goes into those "bad calls" they hear on Saturdays. Former players who are interested in picking up some extra cash while staying close to the match can get certified to officiate matches. And coaches who want to more effectively yell at officials can come and learn how things are supposed to be called. Essentially, it is your first opportunity for people to further their rugby education.

The course runs from 9:00am to 5:00pm at the Chagrin Falls Public Library in the Meeting Room on the building's lower level. The course will be led by Billy Koval, the Ohio Rugby Referees' Society Chairman.

Ohio Rugby Referees' Society logo.
The course is a basic referee course and covers the referee's priorities, provides an introduction to the Laws of the game, risk management and examines the ever-changing world of scrums, rucks, mauls, tackles, line-outs, offside and advantage - with a focus on the critical aspects of the game and how to officiate test which must be completed prior to the course, as well as a group of RugbyReady modules. Once completed, those who plan to attend should print their certificates and bring them to the course. This will count as completion of the exam requirement but participants will still be required to complete an in class safety exam. Attendees will need to wear comfortable clothing suitable for classroom and on-the-field practical sessions.
Those who plan to attend should prepare ahead of time by having a knowledge of the Laws and the game. The course won't go through the Laws page by page. There is an

This course is limited to 15 future referees, so register now. Those who want to register can also contact Kovar directly - please include your name, contact email address, phone number and rugby resume.

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