Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Let's Get Technical - Light Up the Darkness

As days go by time marches on; and as time passes technology advances, providing apps, gadgets and tools to enhance and better our lives. With all the new tools being brought into the world to help with everything from fitness to data storage, why not put some of these tools to use in regards to rugby? The following are some bits of technology - some might just be in the concept phase and some might be fully realized - that can be used to add that little something extra to the sport of rugby.

Light Up the Darkness
When practicing rugby, one of the most essential elements of any session is that players need to be able to do is see. All too often, practices in the waning months of Fall and the early months of Spring practices are cut short due to shorter days and the sun going down before teams can get their full practice session in the books - not necessarily a bad thing if your team saves conditioning for last. Fortunately, there are a litany of sporting good items that not only glow in the dark but are illuminated by LED lights. Adapting these items to a team's training session can extend training sessions well into the darker hours of the evening. More...

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