Sunday, March 29, 2015

Rookie Rugby Cleveland Ready for April Kick-Off

The season for Rookie Rugby Cleveland is about to kick off; and now that the ranks are filled and the schedules are set it's time to take a glance at the divisions and who will be fielding teams in those brackets.

The flag league for players in the fifth and sixth grade is divided into two parts, an A side and B side division. Heavy-hitters Brunswick, Highland, Parma and Westpark have representation in both divisions. Rounding out the A side division are FairLake, a combination of Westlake and Fairview players, and Rocky River. Amherst and Strongsville occupy the last two spots in the B side division.

The boys' tackle league has a similar look to the flag league: two divisions with a number of teams having representation in both. Westpark, Highland Hudson, Medina and Brunswick will be squaring off in both divisions, with Rocky River completing the B side division and Parma joining FiarLake in the A side division.

Not to be left out of the fun, there are four girls' teams in this year's tackle league. The squads represent Hudson, Highland, Brunswick and Westside.

There will also be a league for third and fourth grade players running alongside the older divisions.

It's tough to say who will win out this year, but what is certain is that the future of rugby in the Cleveland area looks safe. Hopefully, these numbers will stay strong and keep trending upward as these players age and younger players come to take their place.

Check the schedule and come watch the future of the sport in the Cleveland area as they put their skills to the test and claw their way to the top one weekend at a time.

Matches begin April 12.

Week-by-week schedules are available below.
5/6 B Side Division
5/6 A Side Division
7/8 A Side Division
7/8 B Side Division
7/8 Girls Tackle Division

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