Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rookie Rugby Results: Halfway There with the Seventh and Eighth Grade Girls

The Rookie Rugby Cleveland youth leagues are three weeks into their 2015 season and competition is stiff throughout. With results in from a handful of matches, there are teams who have risen clearly to the top of their respective heaps and there are also those who sit, barely on the outside of the top three, trying to claw their way back in. With two weeks left until the City Championship, the top dogs are far from safe in their standing and there are few teams that are completely shut out.

Going into the waning weeks of the 2015 season Brunswick sits atop the four-team division, but their lead is far from a comfortable one because Westside is only five points shy of their total in second. Hudson and Highland are currently bringing up the back end of the bracket but are far from lost causes in the grand scheme of things.

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