Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Youngstown Provides Unique View of Police and Fire Games Matches

If anyone knows anything about the Youngstown rugby scene, they are nothing if not busy. They men of Steel Valley are always finding new ways to provide competition to all facets of the community, whether they be the larger brand of rugby player or the men who protect us in our everyday lives.

Most recently, the Police and Fire Games were held in Youngstown and Steel Valley was on hand to orchestrate a set of competitions for the men of the police, fire and military services. Ahead of the main competition, the servicemen played a few warm-up matches. Then the competition commenced.

Among the participants were the DIV powerhouse Canton Maddogs, the Columbus Castaways, Akron Rugby and the short-handed Cleveland Crusaders, among others. Jared Crist was on hand to officiate these matches. Crist was outfitted with a camera for some of the matches, providing a unique view of his exquisite running form as well as the matches themselves. Hopefully, this practice will become a more regular practice because it gives viewers a unique view of the match and allows people to see just how out-of-positions some referees are. This new angle can also allow aggravated coaches and players see the game from the point of the official and get an idea of why certain calls were made and others weren't.

Below, are some of the videos.

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