Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rookie Rugby Fall League Coming Together

The Rookie Rugby Cleveland Fall League is starting to come together, but Dan Arbeznik needs a little more help adding some needed numbers to his teams. Also, more RRC action comes to the East Side. Details are below:

5th/6th Grade League

  • Rocky River
  • Strongsville
  • Brunswick
  • East Side (This is a newly-formed that will be headed up by Chris Stevens. Those interested in contacting him and being a part of the team should contact Chris directly.)

7th/8th Girls

  • Details regarding this division are still being confirmed but the league is projected to be comprised of the East Side, Hudson, Brunswick, Highland, Lakewood and the West Side. Confirmation will be coming soon.

7th/8th Grade Boys

  • Highland
  • Brunswick
  • East Side (This team is under the advisement of Chris Stevens as well.)

The cost for the league is only going to be $60 per player for tackle and $50 per player for flag. The money will go to pay for any and all the things needed for the league to run, including referee fees, trainers on game days, CIPP costs for players and other necessities.

The match schedule is being confirmed as well, but players can plan on playing October 25, November 1, November 8 and November 15.

Anyone looking to field a field a team or join one can email Dan and he will add you to the necessary list.

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