Monday, October 19, 2015

Bobcats Blowout Flashes

Over the weekend Ohio University went on the road and took the field against Kent State University. Initially, the match appeared as though it would be a shootout but OU pulled away and shut down Kent State's offense to pull away 30-5 in the end.

Barely ten minutes into the match, the Bobcats made an impact on the scoreboards with the first try of the match, From there, neither team could manage to get into the try zone again. The match would reach the 24-minute mark before another tam scored. This time, it was the Golden Flashes that put up the points. Neither kicker was able to convert on the five-pointers and that left the scores tied. Tenn minutes before halftime, OU put in another try that was converted by the kicker, allowing them to go into the midway break with a 12-5 lead. That would be the last time Kent State was close to OU on the scoreboard.

"We made some mistakes but all were aggressive," said WIlliam Griffes, head coach at OU. "We have a lot of guys capable of making the big play that sometimes tend to force things instead of making the smarter play. That is something we can work on and like guys continuing to be aggressive."

During the second half, OU was all offense. The Bobcats monopolized possession and used the time with the ball effectively. During the second half, the visitors ran in two tries and one conversion to their tally. The Bobcats also benefited from some poor discipline on the part of the Golden Flashes. The kicker from OU put in a pair of penalty kicks to put the finishing touches on the day's proceedings.

Killan Mulkern was the primary contributor for the Bobcats over the weekend. The senior fullback crossed over the whitewash for his team. He also added six points from penalty kicks, as well as a set of conversions.

"I am proud of the team effort to get win," Griffes said. "We did a good job of controlling territory and possession but will need to clean up some of our execution on scoring opportunities going forward."

Even though the Bobcats got a convincing win over the weekend, it was under less-than-favorable weather conditions and with some players out of their usual positions. The players combated the frigid conditions with a good warm-up and focused minds, while the new assignments seemed to work in favor of the Bobcats.

"We have some depth in forwards, so we moved Matt Gienger out to back line," Griffes said. "We were looking for an experienced player that could be physical and finish off scoring opportunities. Matt was able to score twice today. The back line does not get scoring opportunities if not for the selfless work of the forwards. The big guys brought hard hats and came ready to work."

Next week the Bobcats are set to take on Dayton and more Ohio-centric MAC action. Griffes will be looking to increase his team's toughness and decrease the amount of errors they commit. The Bobcats will need a cleaner run of play if they intend to bring another win back to Athens, Ohio.

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