Friday, October 9, 2015

Keeping Up with Ohio Rugby: Division I

We are well into October and the rugby season is well upon us. The senior level teams are into the meat of their respective season, and some are near the top of their brackets while others are not. Let's take a look at which teams are topping their respective tables and which need a little more work.

Men's Division I:
Both Columbus Rugby and the Cincinnati Wolfhounds are mid-table in their division. Columbus has an even split of two wins and two losses, while the Wolfhounds have one more loss and a pair of wins to their name. While the two teams occupy a similar space on the league table, they have take very different routes to this result.

Columbus started off the season in strong fashion by taking the first two matches of the season, edging the Milwaukee Barbarians and beating the Wolfhounds by 30 points. The two most recent matches have had the players from the state's capital on the wrong end of the score line, but the up side is that they didn't lose by much. The first loss was a one-point affair against the Chicago Lions. The most recent loss was a 24-12 result against the Chicago Griffins. The fact that Columbus played the Lions so close means that the Columbus boys are capable of competing against the top teams in the division.

Cincinnati had a slower start to the fall season. Metropolis and Columbus took big wins against the Wolfhound and the Kansas City Blues escaped Brimelow Fields with a six-point win. More recently, the Wolfhounds have seen an uptick in execution and snagged a set of wins. The Wolfhounds victimized the Chicago Griffins and edged out Palmer with a 20-19 result. Again, this current standing doesn't doom the Cincinnati club to a Division I downward spiral. Cincinnati has upcoming matches against the Griffins and Palmer, matches that should have the same result as the previous ones; and with no break in sight the Wolfhounds have a real opportunity to build on their recent run of good play and make a run at the top - or at least towards it.

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