Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Lakewood High School Rugby in Need of An Assistant Coach

The Lakewood High School Boys' Rugby team is in search of an Assistant Coach that can supplement the influence of the team's current Head Coach and enable the players to improve on last year's season.

Michael Mooney is the team's current Head Coach. Mooney has deep Cleveland roots. He played at Kent State under current Crusaders' Head Coach, Donnie Harbert, and then put in some time with the Cleveland Rovers. Mooney had to take a break from playing due to medical issues and landed the Head Coach position for the boys' club at Lakewood during that hiatus.

Mooney is in need of an Assistant Coach. One with knowledge of backline play is preferred, though Mooney said he's willing to take on any help offered. The ideal person for the position is someone who is willing to commit to being a certified coach that is CIPP'd to the team and a consistent coaching presence.

Those interested in helping but unable to commit fully to the cause, are still invited to lend whatever knowledge they have. Whether it's running a drill or two, helping out at practices or just coming to talk with the kids, any and all help is would be appreciated.

Mooney is willing to schedule training sessions with consideration to his Assistant Coach's availability. As long as candidates are clear and consistent with prior obligations, Mooney said he can make the schedule work.

The position is not a paid one but the Assistant Coach will be included in any spending or financial decisions, if they wish. Any funds spent on certifications or credentials needed for coaching will be reimbursed as long as the receipts are saved.

"If you're willing to help in any way, please let me know what it is. If you're willing to step into the Assistant Coach spot, then tell me what your constrictions are. I see this as an opportunity to 'be the excuse for success.'"

Mooney wants someone to help improve and inspire youth rugby in the city of Cleveland and lead a group of players with all the potential in the world.

Interested parties should send a message to Michael Mooney to get more information.

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