Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Shaker Rugby in Search of New Leadership

Rugby has had a steady presence on the east side of Cleveland since the sport's introduction in 1964. While the college and senior scene has remained strong, the high school clubs have been a bit come-and-go, with some shutting down due to issues with numbers or leadership. Shaker Heights is in need of new leadership and is in search of a coach that can balance pressure with levity to keep the girls' team in good spirits as the they strive for excellence on the field.
As it stands, the Shaker Heights club consists of boys' team and a girls' team. Both sides have a strong central core of members that the others rally around. In the most recent season, players have traveled from Mentor in order to participate.
The girls made inroads into the playoff bracket in the 2015 season and came up second best to Saint Joe's. During the 2016 season, the field hads some issues on the scoreboard but were competitive in every match.
Like most young athletes, the players have heart and determination to spare, with a positive attitude that won't quit. More importantly, the team's sportsmanship is known throughout the league - that and the hard-hitting style of defense they play. Organization and leadership seem to be the missing pieces from the formula.
Membership on the girls' team had increased steadily since the tteam'sinception, so the student body knows about and is interested in the sport.
The ideal coach for the Shaker girls is one that is able to push the players hard and hold them to high standards on a constant basis. A constant element of levity and laughter is just as important, as the girls are big on banter, jokes and poking fun at one another - all out of love of course. The team is already a tight-knit, unified front that takes on each other's struggles at the drop of a hat, and the coach needs to be that dedicated too.
Interested parties should contact the Shaker girls either through or the team's school site or Facebook page.

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