Monday, March 20, 2017

High School Festival Brings HS Rugby Competition from Around the Country

Mentor Rugby will host high school rugby clubs from around the country for this year's North Coast High School Rugby Festival. This year, teams from as far as California will come to the Cleveland area to compete in the two-day event.

Mentor and Lake Catholic will be representing the Buckeye State in this year's competition, while Birmingham will represent Michigan and Kiski will make the trip from Pennsylvania to play. The team traveling the farthest is Waterloo who is coming all the way from Canada to take part in the day's events.

The weekend's events begin at 9:00am with Lake Catholic facing off against Waterloo and runs clear through until the final match at 3:00pm, when Mentor plays Kiski. Following the final match Saturday, there will be a spaghetti dinner at Stadium Grill to allow everyone to socialize with the before heading back home. Mentor will close out the weekend on Sunday morning with a send-off match against Waterloo.

The Festival will be more spectator friendly as well. Fans interested in watching these teams play can watch all five matches Saturday for only $5.00 for adults. Students can gain access to the matches for free. Also, matches will be played on TV screens during the evening's dinner to let everyone relive the day's events.

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