Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Registration Open for 2018 North Coast Rugby Festival

Spring carries various meanings for different people. It signals the time for certain traditions and ceremonies to take place. In Northeast Ohio, one such springtime tradition is the North Coast Rugby Festival.

This year's event is on March 24, 2018 at Mentor High School (6477 Center Street Mentor, Ohio). The competition is open to any varsity, JV and freshman high school teams that want to attend. The event routinely attracts teams from all over the Cleveland area and beyond. Even though entries are still being gathered, this year should be no different.

This year's tournament will be an all-day affair. Teams will take over  the MHS football field starting at 9:00am and go through 4:00pm. During this time each team will take part in two matches.  

Teams interested in in participating are being asked to register now. Team entry fees are $250, with a discount for teams that can provide a referee. All domestic teams must be registered with USA Rugby; and international sides need to have a tour sanctioning certificate.

Entry fees and RSVP can be sent to John Hummel at: 7394 South Chestnut Commons Mentor, Ohio 44060. Checks can be made out to a Mentor Rugby.


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