Monday, March 12, 2018

Select Side Tournament Venues Announced

Recently, the Midwest Territorial Union and Midwest Competitive Region announced the formation of select sides to represent various regions and states. Ahead of the kick-off of the competition, news came down laying out when and where the opening matches would take place.

There will be teams formed from the Allegheny, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Chicago Area, Michigan and Minnesota Unions. A special President's Selects will be formed to help round out the women's side of the bracket. Once the best 28 players have been placed on their respective teams, they will prepare and then converge on their respective venues.

Since teams will be traveling from all around the region, two match locations have been selected for each round to best account for these travel requirements.

For the women, the Conference Round of matches will happen on the weekend of April 14-15. The Eastern Conference teams - Allegheny, Indiana, Ohio, President’s Selects East - will face off at Bailey Park (2289 Knapp Avenue) in Youngstown, Ohio. For this weekend, the Allegheny Union will act as host. The Western Conference teams - Wisconsin, CARFU, Minnesota, President’s Selects West - will take the field at the Wisconsin Rugby Sports Complex (4064 Vilas Road)  in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin. The Wisconsin will play host during this leg of the competition.

The men will play the following weekend, April 21-22. The Eastern Conference sides - Allegheny, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio - will compete at the Fortress Obetz (1841 Williams Road) in Columbus, Ohio. The Ohio side will play host to this opening round of matches. The Wisconsin Union will host the Western Conference men's teams -  CARFU, Iowa and Minnesota - at the Wisconsin Rugby Sports Complex as well.

The first round of matches will be determined by lottery drawing. Once that process is completed, a schedule will be sent out the week before to the competition commences. These matches will happen on Saturday, while the second round will happen on Sunday. These matches will pit the two winners from Saturday against one another; and the two losers will play one another as well. Once the Conference Round is completed, sides will be placed into cup, plate, bowl and shield finals. The competition will conclude at the Chicago Blaze's facility on May 5.

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