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Keep up with all the Ohio teams represented in competition, from high school to adults. Recaps and standings from men's and women's divisions have been gathered from the Midwest Web site.

Below is a link to a master schedule of all the Ohio teams for the Fall and Spring seasons. Updates will be added as the information is available. If schedules are incorrect or unclear, please let me know and the information will be corrected.

TIOR Master Club Schedule for 2015-2016 Season
TIOR Master NSCRO Schedule for 2015-2016 Season
TIOR Master Men's College Schedule for 2015-2016 Season
TIOR Master Women's College Schedule for 2015-2016 Season

*All information has been gathered from information within the MRFU as well as team Facebook pages and Web sites.

Results from the Week One of High School Sevens

On June 3, high school programs from the Cleveland and Akron areas gathered in Akron and Mentor to face off in some summer sevens matches. There were 12 teams in all, six in Akron and six in Mentor. Each team played three matches, and a few teams got out to a better start than others.

Both Brunswick sides, which competed in the Akron series, and Rocky River, from the Mentor series, had perfect days of competition and took all three of their wins. En route to their perfect results the pair of Brunswick teams defeated Highland, Avon Lake, Coventry and Canton. Rocky River defeated Medina, Mentor's first side and Mentor's second side, who they shut out in the process. All three undefeated sides put up big points on their opponents in most of their bouts. The only teams that kept the score close during their matches were Avon Lake, who were one converted try from upsetting Brunswick's second side, and Mentor's second side, who held Rocky River to 14 points throughout the entire match.

Mentor's pair of teams had the second best score lines from the day of competition. They each only had one blemish on their records, with Rocky River being the only team to hand them defeats on the day. While the Mentor teams can take comfort in the fact that the only team that came up trumps on them was undefeated, it would be unwise for them to discount the rest of the field. While Rocky River was blowing away competition for the most part, Mentor's wins were a lot closer. Aside from the second side's win over Shaker Heights, the other teams Mentor defeated were at most two scores shy of reversing the result.

Of the teams that had less-than-stellar days on the field, there were still some notable results. From the Akron set of matches, Canton played Coventry to a two-point finish in their favor and Avon Lake took a three-point win over Highland; but Highland eclipsed them both when they put up over 20 points on Coventry. Out in Mentor, Shaker Heights got nine points up on Lakewood, who Medina only bested by four points on the day.

Looking ahead, it would be interesting to see the sides getting shaken up a bit. Seeing the Mentor and Brunswick mini-franchises face off against one another would make for come compelling matches; and who wouldn't want to see the battle of the undefeated teams. Granted, it might have to get whittled down to one Brunswick side, but seeing the team that came out between those two play Rocky River could be compelling. Having Highland and Shaker Heights, as the potential giant-killers of their groups, play one another could yield some interesting results as well.

Hopefully, there will be more matches coming soon and the teams will get mixed up to provide a variety of match pairings for the high school rugby faithful in Cleveland and throughout Ohio to enjoy.

Results from Rookie Rugby Cleveland

The Rookie Rugby Cleveland youth leagues are three weeks into their 2015 season and competition is stiff throughout. With results in from a handful of matches, there are teams who have risen clearly to the top of their respective heaps and there are also those who sit, barely on the outside of the top three, trying to claw their way back in. With two weeks left until the City Championship, the top dogs are far from safe in their standing and there are few teams that are completely shut out.
Rookie Rugby Cleveland logo

Fifth and Sixth Grade Flag: A League

In the A League of the Fifth and Sixth Grade Flag divisions, Highland, FairLake and Westpark sit in the top three spots of the season's standings. Highland has 29 league points as compared to FairLake's 20 and Westpark's 19.

From the start, Highland and FairLake have been front-runners in the league. Highland began its run to the top with a shut-out win in the first week. In each of their matches,

Highland has scored at least 20 points on their opponents. The only time they came short of that was in the second week. They played FairLake in the opening match of the week and managed to steal a two-point win, 14-12. While scoring hasn't been an issue for Highland, their defense has been even more impressive. In the span of three weeks of play, Highland has only given up 60 points, giving them a point differential of +85. Though Highland have had a good three weeks, they can't afford to rest on their achievements so far because they are far from invincible. Undefeated as they might be, FairLake and Rocky River have both taken Highland to the limit on separate occasions and come within a try of upending the kings of the league; and on any given Sunday - or Saturday - they could hand Highland their first loss.

FairLake, a combined side made up of Fairview and Lakewood players, currently sit in second place in the league standings. FairLake has maintained a nearly perfect record throughout the initial three weeks. The only blemish is a two-point loss to the league leaders. After the first week, FairLake found themselves in a three-way in the league standings with five points. They drew clear of the rest of the pack during the second and third weeks on the back of their wins against Parma, Brunswick and Westpark. Most importantly for FairLake, is that they received bonus points in two of those three wins, points t hat have kept them just above Westpark, who are nipping at their heels in third place. In the remaining weeks, FairLake need to get bonus-point wins and topple Highland in the process. Doing both will ensure that they increase the gap between themselves and Westpark while at the same time closing in on Highland.
Results Weeks 1 - 3 of RR Cleveland 5/6 A League 2015

Westpark barely site outside of the second spot, with one league point separating them and FairLake. Though they are in third place, it seems very likely that they could overtake second in the weeks to come. Right now, Westpark has four wins and two losses; and that's a good looking record, especially considering the fact that all but one of those wins was a bonus-point win. If they can keep this momentum going, there's no reason Westpark can't jump up in the standings.

Parma, Rocky River and Brunswick find themselves on the outside looking in at the moment. That doesn't mean they should be discounted from the proceedings entirely. Parma has a pair of bonus-point wins to their credit, so there's no doubt that they can cause some trouble in the next few weeks. Rocky River will be one to watch, considering they came two points shy of beating Highland in a high-scoring match. If they can clean up the defense while maintaining their scoring proficiency the next two weeks could be kinder to them than the previous three. It seems as though Brunswick need to find their stride from the first week and record some more wins. In their first match they recorded a bonus-point win and were in the hunt for one of the top spots on the table, but after that they found themselves wanting on the past few occasions, If they can get back to winning ways, they could find themselves making some moves as well.

Seventh and Eighth Grade Girls

Going into the waning weeks of the 2015 season Brunswick sits atop the four-team division, but their lead is far from a comfortable one because Westside is only five points shy of their total in second. Hudson and Highland are currently bringing up the back end of the bracket but are far from lost causes in the grand scheme of things.
2015 RR Cleveland
Seventh and Eighth Grade Girls' Tackle League

From the start of competition the ladies from Brunswick took the top spot in the league. The second week Hudson surpassed them by a point, but after the third week finished up Brunswick reclaimed their spot atop the table. The Brunswick ladies are 4-2 so far this season, and when they have won they've won big. Every win has been a bonus-point win, and even their losses have netted them bonus points in the process. Brunswick had a hiccup during the second week of competition and dropped both of their matches on the day. If they hope to remain in first place, they'll have to be perfect from here going forward; because with a league this compact and the scores so close any off weekend could knock Brunswick down a few spots.

Westside site four points shy of Brunswick in the standings, with 16 league points. After getting bumped from second to third in the table after the second week, they jumped back into second best after they split the third week's matches, getting one win and one draw. Even though taking that second win wouldn't have pushed them past Brunswick in the overall standings, it would have put some breathing room between them and Hudson. The up side for Westside is that they have beaten every team in their division, so what it comes down to is identifying each team's weakness during the run of play and exploit them effectively.

Hudson and Highland have often found themselves on the wrong side of the score line during the weeks of the competition. While Hudson has gotten some close wins, Highland has only managed to draw even with competitors. With two weeks remaining before the City Championships, it's not too late for either team to turn up their production on the field and make some moves up the leader board.

Seventh and Eighth Grade Boys' A League

The Rookie Rugby Cleveland youth leagues are three weeks into their 2015 season and competition is stiff throughout. With results in from a handful of matches, there are teams who have risen clearly to the top of their respective heaps and there are also those who sit, barely on the outside of the top three, trying to claw their way back in. With two weeks left until the City Championship, the top dogs are far from safe in their standing and there are few teams that are completely shut out.
2015 RR Cleveland Seventh and Eighth Grade Boys

Looking at the numbers, the most exciting division of the Rookie Rugby Cleveland competition is the A League of the Seventh and Eighth Grade Boys division. The matches so far have produced big wins and shutouts, even after teams have had to combine due to issues with numbers.

The top three  teams in the division are all neck-and-neck, with a single point separating all of them. Westlake is on top of the table with 25 points; the combined River-Parma side is in second with 24 and Westpark is barely in third place with 23 points. More exciting than the close race for the top is the fact that none of these teams have had a stranglehold on the division. Each of them has lost, and have been shut out at least once.

Through three weeks of playing, there have been seven shutouts recorded. Parma has been on the winning end of four of these score lines, but they laid a goose egg against Medina in the most recent week of play. Highland and Westpark secured the other shutout victories so far. The interesting thing to notice is that when there have been shutouts the scores have been anything but close. In fact, with the seven shutouts, the average points scored by the victors was about 36 points.

Overall, there have been 21 matches played in this division so far. Throughout, no team has emerged unscathed. Medina has had it the toughest, gong the first two weeks without a win and incurring four losses. Fairview has been on the short end of the score line four times as well. Brunswick has suffered a trio of losses, River-Parma and Highland have both taken hits to their records as well.

Bonus points have played a large role in how this league has developed so far, and they will be of the utmost importance int he next two weeks. Each team has had at least one ten-point week, taking home two bonus-point wins on the day. If the teams currently towards the lower half of the table put together dominant back-to-back weekends the landscape of the City Championships could change drastically.

The final two weeks of play ahead of the City Championship are May 2 and 10, with matches taking place at Saint Ignatius High School. The full schedule can be found on the Rookie Rugby Cleveland Web site.

Here comes a new challenger! Check out the scheduled matches for some of the state's top clubs. Go out and support Ohio rugby at all levels and let's make this sport grow.

With 2014 in the rear view, let's take a look back at how things shook out for the rugby teams throughout the state. Below are some article clips leading up to and going through the fall season, as well as the final standings.

Ohio Rugby in the News:
Fall 2014 Men's Standings:
Women's Standings

From the Fall competitive season to Spring playoffs, Summer sevens and even the occasional snow day game, you can find all the previews, brackets and results here: every division, every Ohio team.

*All stats and standings come from the Midwest Rugby Football Union Web site.

Incase you missed it, you can look at the pre-season analysis here.

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